A Voice With Expertise

[fusion_text]The moment you speak to David Thompson of PROVOICES, you will understand why others describe him as accessible, friendly, genuine, authentic, believable, and sincereDavid is high energy, both soft and hard sell, corporate, business like, relatable, sophisticated, knowledgeable, and well educated.

David can also be described as cool and hip, having all the characteristics of the boy next door.  He has been described as trustworthy, authoritative, fresh, powerful, energetic, accurate, and some of his female clients have been quoted stating that David’s voice can be seductive and sexy, comparing him to Sam Elliott.  [/fusion_text]

Everyone listened to the message on-hold for ORPM and GLS – it was great!
Oconomowoc Residential Programs, Inc.
The perfect enthralling baritone voice, it gave our listeners a sense of confidence, and trust.
TC Harris, LLC
The ProVoices team actually listened and understood what we were trying convey to our Clients.
G.L.S., Inc.
ProVoices is the best talent we've ever recommended for our Voice Over project needs. Their customer service is second to none. It's refreshing to work with a team that pays such attention to detail. A real team of professionals
Paul C. Med Images, Inc.


[fusion_text]ProVoices offers a wide array of background music and custom “Message on Hold/IVR” services for any need. To request a quote please contact us.[/fusion_text]

Why Choose Us

[fusion_text]Because we can actually do something unique, we deliver on every one of our promises. We really do listen and use that information to provide you that extra quality you hope for, but might not have come to expect. The World Trusts ProVoices Services and You Can Too.[/fusion_text]

What Other Professionals In The Industry Say

A real pleasure to work with the professionals from ProVoices. They come prepared to work providing a creative perspective in post-production that can equate to real cost savings on a project for clients.
Bay Studios, L.A.